Donate Supplies to the Kansas Humane Society

Thanks to the generous support of our community, KHS is able to provide services to over 10,000 animals annually!.  Our shelter has many items that staff and volunteers regularly use to care for pets while they are in our facility.  Your generous donation helps keep us supplied with the various tools and consumables that are in great demand here in the shelter.  Won't you consider purchasing an item to be donated to the Kansas Humane Society!

NOTE:  Purchasing an item from this category will provide the product to KHS for use by staff and volunteers!  Your generous donation helps us use our limited resources where they are needed most.  There will be no shipping charge on orders from this category and KHS will receive the purchased item directly for shelter or foster use.   A billing and shipping address will be required to complete the transaction, however we will use the shipping address you provide so that we can thank you for your donation.

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