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The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) is celebrating another successful year. In 2019, we found homes or placement for 11,767 animals and maintained a 94% save rate.

“I’m extremely proud of the record number of animals KHS helped in 2019,” said Mark Eby, President/CEO of KHS. “Our incredible staff, volunteers, and donors all make this possible. I’m also proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with over 100 rescues around the country to help save more animals. The low cost vet services we provide these rescues and the staff we’ve added to assist them has helped find more animals homes. All of us working together and supporting each other is what leads to move lives being saved.”

In 2019, 8,281 animals were adopted from KHS. An additional 2,870 animals were transferred to rescue partners, 2 animals were transferred to shelter partners (not shown in the chart above), and 614 animals were reunited with their owners. This brings the total number of animal lives saved to 11,767. KHS performed 3,155 low cost, donor subsidized spay and neuter surgeries for low income members of the community. An additional 788 surgeries were performed for animals transferring to rescue groups.

In 2019, a record setting 6,750 unclaimed animals were transferred to KHS from the Wichita Animal Shelter. The two facilities are located on the same campus to make it easier to prepare animals for adoption if no owner claims them during the stray hold.

“We are very appreciative of our relationship with Wichita Animal Services,” said Eby. “Over the past four years, we’ve increased the number of unclaimed animals brought to KHS from Wichita Animal Services. To reduce the number of unclaimed pets at the Wichita Animal Shelter, and to keep fewer animals from ending up there, the best thing we can do as a community is to microchip and spay or neuter our pets.”

KHS Youth Education programs reached 18,125 children in 2019. These programs teach children bite prevention tactics, the importance of responsible pet ownership, and care and compassion for animals. Volunteers dedicated 68,638 hours of their time to the organization for the year. Volunteers are essential to the success and daily operation of KHS and they play a large role in helping the animals find homes as well as keeping them healthy and well cared for.

Kansas Humane Society by the Numbers - 2019

  • 94% overall save rate
  • 11,767 live animal releases
    • 8,281 adoptions
    • 2,870 animals transferred to rescue partners
    • 2 animals transferred to shelter partners
    • 614 pets reunited with their owners
  • 788 surgeries performed for rescue groups
  • 3, 155 donor subsidized spay/neuter surgeries for low income households

For additional information and detailed statistics, please visit kshumane.org/about-us/statistics.

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