Nifty Nijah – Cat of the Week

Why hello there. My name is Nijah and I’m the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet! I’m 9 pounds of pure cuddles and cat kisses just for you! Want to take a trip to the kitchen!? I’ll walk by your side every step of the way! I’m a 4-year-old cat that knows what I want in life. I’m looking for a family to give me belly rubs, cuddle with me on the couch, and watch a good movie! I’ve lived with other animals before so no need to fret, I’ll get along with other pets. Can you give me my forever home? Drop by KHS and come see me!

Lovely Lita - Dog of the Week

HI!!! My name is Lita and I am a princess! I’m up for any dog adventure! I’m extremely independent for a 1-year-old and love to show it! I love running around and discovering new places! I’m also a big fan of making new friends! Making new friends isn’t hard for me, I’m super outgoing! If you take me home, then you’ll never have a dull moment! I’m not only the leader of any pack, I’m also the leader of any household! You should come see me, we’ll talk more in person! Come down to KHS, I’ll be waiting!

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