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Though 2021 presented challenges to the world of animal rescue, the Kansas Humane Society (KHS) is proud of the support and accomplishments of the Wichita community towards our mission of helping homeless pets. In 2021, KHS found homes or placement for 10,663 pets and reached a 98% save rate.

“We thank Wichita and our surrounding communities for supporting our shelter,” said Emily Hurst, President/CEO of the Kansas Humane Society. “The people of our community who are dedicated to animals in need and who have a passion for saving pets’ lives are who make this work possible. We survive only because of the donations of people who care, the open homes of people who adopt, and those that can give their time. It is our community who make this place possible, and we need you to keep this work going.”

In 2021, 7,927 homeless pets were adopted from KHS. KHS had 156 rescue and shelter partners in 2021 allowing it to find placement for an additional 2,606 pets in need. KHS performed 2,332 low cost spay and neuter surgeries for low-income members of the community.

“Thousands of homeless puppies and kittens come into our care every year and KHS must be part of a proactive solution,” said Hurst. “In 2022 we will be making spay/neuter services for low-income families a major focus.”

“Saving the lives of homeless pets in Wichita will remain our top priority, but we are starting new initiatives to reduce the number of homeless pets in need,” said Hurst. “In January we have begun offering free spay and neuter surgery for dogs every Wednesday. We targeted zip codes 67214 and 67211 that have the highest intake for the city with a goal to help low-income families get their pets vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered. We are working on new funding sources and initiatives like these to reduce the number of homeless pets in need each year.”

In 2021, 6,228 unclaimed stray pets were transferred to KHS from the City of Wichita’s Wichita Animal Services Shelter, which is located next door to KHS on the Murfin Animal Care Campus. An additional 3,996 pets were surrendered to the Kansas Humane Society by their owners. While KHS is a local non-profit, Wichita’s animal control facility and KHS were built on the same campus 13 years ago to save more animal lives through collaboration. 2022 marks year 13 for the two organizations at this location, which has seen their combined save rate increase from 30% to over 90% during this period.

Kansas Humane Society is dependent on volunteers in the shelter and foster homes to complete its mission. In 2021, 1,192 pet lives were saved because of KHS foster homes.

Volunteers and fosters generously gave 58,959 hours of their time help pets in need in 2021.

Kansas Humane Society by the Numbers - 2021

  • 98% overall save rate
  • 10,663 live animal releases
    • 7,927 adoptions
    • 2,606 pets transferred to rescue partners
    • 130 pets reunited with their owners
  • 2,332 spay/neuter surgeries performed for low income households
  • 1,192 pets saved through KHS foster homes
  • 58,959 hours of volunteer and foster service

For additional information and detailed statistics, please visit kshumane.org/about-us/statistics.

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