Tell your friends, neighbors, volunteers, second cousins and total strangers TODAY IS SMASHBURGER Tuesday!!! For your evening's dinner plans, go to SMASHBURGER and order an great burger! KHS will receive 25% of all proceeds from the sales on Tuesday, March 8. They are located at: E. 37th St North & N. Woodlawn St 3570 N. Woodlawn St Wichita, Kansas 67220 316-633-4233 10 AM - 10 PM Daily I know you will enjoy the food!  Be sure and try the fries, very tasty!

and add a furry friend to your life in March. We'll announce the details soon. Until then, here's a CLUE......

Thanks to our awesome friends at KPTS, we're thrilled to announce that Clifford the Big Red Dog is joining us for Tot Tuesday on April 5, 2011.

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