Helping Homeless Pets One Penny at a Time

Pennies for Paws is an annual KHS fundraiser for school-aged children. Recognizing the natural bond between children and pets, many area schools and groups have added Pennies for Paws to their yearly curriculum. Teaching the importance of being humane, environmentally conscious citizens is a worthwhile and rewarding task.

This is often the first experience for many children in volunteering or giving to charity. By collecting spare pennies, nickels, and dimes, they learn that even the most humble of gestures will make a huge difference in their community.


  • Suggested by a USD 259 teacher, "Finish your Pennies for Paws fundraising week with a Valentines Day Puppy Love classroom party!"
  • Middle Schools & High Schools - Make it a math challenge! Determine how many pennies a 5 gallon jug can hold.
  • Make a display wall featuring adopted pets from teachers & staff in your school.



Best in Show Top Fundraisers (per classroom or group participating):

  • Elementary or Middle School

Win a visit from the ice cream truck on the last day of school (up to 100 students)

  • High School

Win a behind the scenes tour of KHS, a painting with puppies activity and a pizza party


Personalized Pet Visit

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or call: 220-8709


Pets Adopted

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