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We welcome classes, groups and scout troops to the Kansas Humane Society for our facility tours! 

Our humane educators provide an interactive tour with information about pet adoption, responsible pet care, the history of KHS, our services, and more.
Please note that animal interactions cannot be guaranteed.



  • 30-45 minute tour
  • 20 students or less per tour 
  • Available by appointment, 
  • No fee. Donation of $1 per person is requested 


TOUR PACKAGE with Activity

  • 60-90 minute tour - includes educational activity of your choice (see below)
  • 20 students or less per tour
  • Available by appointment, 
  • No fee. Donation of $3 per person is requested



  • Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Seventy percent of the nation’s 4.5 million annual dog bites happen to children under the age of 15. Animal safety teaches young people safe behavior when around animals including the appropriate actions to take when approached by an unknown animal.



  • Kindergarten – 4th Grade

A fun, interactive presentation that helps children learn proper pet care, their responsibility for pets, and develop respect and compassion for animals and creates awareness of their needs. 



  • 3rd Grade - 6th Grade

An interactive lesson, accompanied by video presentation, teaches students about pet adoption, how to welcome a new pet into their family, and basic pet care. We also discuss caring for pets in winter, microchip identification, the dangers facing stray animals and the importance of spaying or neutering a new pet.



  • 4th Grade - 7th Grade

Each year, approximately eight million lost or unwanted animals are taken in by shelters across the country. Good homes cannot be found for all of them. We will discuss the causes of pet overpopulation, and what we, as a society can do to combat pet overpopulation. 



  • 2nd Grade- 8th Grade

Many of us love animals and, as young people, spend at least some time considering a career that keeps us in the company of our animal friends.  Some of us choose career paths which take us away from animals but maintain contact through our animal companions; others want a career that will keep animals as the focal point of their lives.  This presentation introduces students the many careers where you can work with or around animals.


Veterinary Medicine: It’s More Than You Think 

  • 4th Grade - 12th Grade

Do you think veterinary medicine is just about cats and dogs? Think again! The first part of this workshop includes an video introduction to students showing the exciting career possibilities waiting for them in veterinary medicine … from the barnyard to the biomedical research lab; from the zoo or circus to the fish farm; from veterinarians serving in the military in countries around the world to veterinarians working in clinics in your neighborhood. Veterinary students talk about their school experience, college deans talk about what it takes to be accepted, and practicing veterinarians talk about their day-to-day professional work life and what makes being a veterinarian so rewarding. The video emphasizes the diverse opportunities available in veterinary medicine as well as the critical role veterinarians play in protecting both animal and human health.

The second part of the workshop has us visiting our state-of-the-art Veterinary Medical Center where we have a fully functioning operating room where they will be able to view spay/neuter surgeries, talk to our vets and veterinary techs about the procedures they are watching, and possibly get an opportunity to assist in the post-operation tasks many volunteers help with.

PLEASE NOTE: Time with our on-site veterinarians for a questions & answers session can be requested, but not guaranteed. Please allow 90 minutes for this interactive, informative and educational opportunity. A donation of $2 per person is requested. Please contact Shanna to add a Q&A session.



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